How you can help

Having Fairtrade status is not the end of the journey! We continue to seek to promote Fairtrade in the shops, catering establishments, community organisations and workplaces of the borough.

If you are aware of any place that offers Fairtrade goods, either exclusively or alongside non-Fairtrade brands, we would be very glad to hear from you: please let us know. This is not restricted to places where Fairtrade goods are sold; if, for example, your workplace uses Fairtrade tea and/or coffee in the staff room, or your school or community organisation uses or learns about Fairtrade in any way, we would love to know about it.

If you know of a place which doesn't offer Fairtrade, and you would like them to do so, please encourage/ask/pester them! - and get in touch with us if you would like some help. We are very willing to come and give a talk, or to share ideas and resources.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the working group, please get in touch.