Fairtrade Quiz – Fairtrade Fortnight 2021

As with so many other things, Fairtrade Fortnight is going to be very different in 2021 from what it has been in many other years. (Even in 2020, when it managed to sneak in before the pandemic restrictions hit!) We aren’t going to be able to gather as we would normally hope to.

The Fareham Fairtrade Borough Group therefore offers you this Fairtrade Quiz, in the hope that you will use it, enjoy it, and share it with others to spread the message about Fairtrade. You may like to use it as a round in any quiz you may be running with family and friends; or as a resource for home schooling; or purely for your own entertainment and information.

There is no charge for using or distributing the quiz. However, if you would like to make a donation we are hoping that it will raise some money for a project run by Traidcraft Exchange in Tanzania, entitled Disability inclusion in mainstream value chains. In Tanzania, almost one in ten people are living with disabilities, two-thirds of whom live in rural areas. The coffee and cocoa value chains are both potential growth areas for the Tanzanian economy and entail many different activities, making them an obvious potential source of employment for people with disabilities. This project offers training and finance to enable disabled people to start their own businesses, and develop skills such as entrepreneurship, finance management, record keeping and leadership. If you would like to find out more, and make a donation, please visit Traidcraft Exchange’s website. (Although this page talks about a specific appeal for Christmas 2019, the project runs until 2022 so funding for it is still welcome.)

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