Fareham - a Fairtrade Borough!

The Fareham Fairtrade Borough Working Group has disbanded

It is with a mixture of sadness at an ending, but also satisfaction with a job well done, that the Fairtrade Borough working group in Fareham has decided to disband.

We came together in 2005, as a group of people with a heart for Fairtrade and a desire to promote it in our borough, and we part now just the same. However, we are no longer convinced that having Fairtrade status for the borough (which we first achieved in February 2007, and have maintained ever since) is important to that mission, or worth the time and effort which our dwindling band is able to put in. We will continue to support and promote Fairtrade whenever and wherever we can; but we will not be applying for the renewal of Fareham's Fairtrade Borough status when it next falls due, which we expect to be in November 2023.

We remain available to answer questions about Fairtrade, and to give talks to community groups: contact details are available on the Contacts page.


Our objective is to promote Fairtrade in the borough of Fareham, Hampshire; to encourage more people to buy Fairtrade goods, and more retailers and catering establishments to sell them. Fareham has been a Fairtrade Borough since 2007.

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Fairtrade goods are those which carry the Fairtrade Mark (left), which is an independent and internationally-recognised guarantee that:

Buying Fairtrade goods is an easy and effective way for UK consumers to make a real, positive difference in the lives of people in the developing world. A wide and increasing range of Fairtrade goods is available in a growing number of retail outlets, and their quality and price compares very favourably with non-Fairtrade equivalents. Fairtrade is an essential tool for enabling poor communities to trade their way out of poverty.